Comprehensive process knowledge − the most important element to improve the safety and ecobalance of your chemical plant.

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  • Environmental safety
  • Product safety
  • Assured repeatability
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Only a few chemicals are produced in specially built plants. Such plants are able to control all the known hazards of their processes.

Most chemicals are manufactured in multi-product plants that have a modular structure. Their process steps are carried out in modules. Because of that, Multi-Product Chemistry has a broad spectrum of dangers. That lies in  the fact that chemical processes are carried out in plants that are not tailored to controll the dangers of the processes in question.

Comprehensive process knowledge is prerequisite to show whether the Multi-product plant is able to control the process dangers.


We study chemical processes and assess the dangers of all process steps in relation to the modules in which they are carried out.

We support small, medium and large companies from all over the world. Across all branches of the chemical industry that carry out chemical reaction processes.


Because the chemical process consists of different process steps that are carried out in separate modules, the inherent dangers of each process step must be visualized with safety analyzes.

We examine chemical and thermal process steps for inherent dangers, technical feasibility and compliance with internal and external regulations.

Chemical reaction safety

Decomposition of condensed masses

Outsourcing of Chemical processes

Outsourcing a chemical process involves great risks. The reason is that the chemical process, its plant and the organization, represent a whole which is embedded in a historically grown safety culture of a company.

Comprehensive process knowledge is the base to assess whether the chemical process can also be operated safely in the new system.


No long term contracts

We do not have long-term contracts with our customers. We work on a project basis. Nevertheless, we have long-standing customers. We are ready for them if they decide to use our services.

Our Mission

We offer the chemical process industry a "Chemical Engineering Service" with its own state-of-the-art laboratories that provide the professionalism required to visualize the inherent dangers of chemical processes and to develop economically safe integrated chemical processes.

This service is intended to help the chemical process industry to prevent reactor accidents, to accelerate the speed of chemical process development and so to improve its competitiveness in the market.